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A future ‘God’?

I am writing this note at the age of 77 as this seems to be a good moment to reflect on the world as I see it. Thirty of those years were spent at Cambridge University where I was surrounded by some of the brightest young and old minds. I have worked (and played) alongside […]

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My Education and Academic experiences

Reflections on my Education and Academic Experiences. By Malcolm Mackley This is a summary (written in 2023 and tweaked in 2024) of my schooling background and academic experiences at four different Universities. Writing this document has (belatedly) made me realise that the ‘whole’ education experience  is very important in relation to what people do with […]

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Oppenheimer (2023)

The Oppenheimer story has been brought to the forefront by the recent 2023 Blockbuster Hollywood film. The film is based on a 700 page 2005 gripping book called ‘American Prometheus’ that in my opinion is a ‘must read’ for scientists, engineers and policy makers. My short summary of some key issues raised in the book […]

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Daymouth is a fiction location; however those people familiar with the UK Devon Salcombe estuary will recognise geographical features of this beautiful area. The characters are fiction and the story follows the way ‘Adam Ranworth’ adjusts from London life to living in what many would consider an idyllic coastal town. The story is fast moving […]

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Engineering awareness in the 21st Century

People are relying more and more on Engineering Technology and it has now reached the point where most human activity is supported by some aspect of it. Humans have used engineering technology to supplement their lifestyle whereas, stating something that is obvious, animals and plants have not! It is not easy to identify exactly when […]

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Engineering a Sustainable Framework

In the past, engineers have been very good at core engineering areas such as Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Chemical Engineering, however we appear not to have been so adept at aligning this excellence with social economic and global sustainable needs. The last decade however has seen a steady shift in emphasis and for example the […]

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The European Union (EU) in 2016

The European Economic Community (EEC) was founded in 1957 and then in 1993 evolved into the EU. Of course the 1939-1945 war was a clear catalyst for much of the initial changes, however the reasons for the UK referendum vote going the way it did are both complex and conflicting. It is only now that […]

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An introduction to polymers; a twentieth century scientific wonder

The scientific understanding of polymers developed throughout the 20th century and that understanding has now fundamentally changed our lives. Synthetic polymers such as nylon and polyethylene were discovered in the 1930s and their discovery and subsequent understanding has resulted in the appreciation that many biological molecules are also polymers. Some of these biological polymers such […]

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