Rheology Lecture notes and examples

The Lectures

For a number of years I gave a rheology lecture course at Cambridge. During the lecture I worked from overheads, which are given below and wrote extra information on the overheads as I went along. You will have to read between the lines in some places as to what extra was added. I am very grateful to David Hassell who helped put the notes into good shape. Nothing is perfect, so if you find any mistakes let me know using the web page contacts email address. Enjoy, and I hope you benefit from the notes. There are four sections and the final review lecture was given as a powerpoint presentation.

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At Cambridge, lecture courses are supported by small group supervisions and the example sheet below provided material for students to test their understanding of the course. In addition past exam questions were used as an effective way of learning. Below is an example paper for all the course sections which you should attempt first. In addition there is the example sheet with solutions. The temptation of course is to go straight to the solutions. Don’t do that! Try the questions first without looking at the solutions. I am most grateful to Kat Yearsley who sorted out the set of solutions that are below.