Innovative Processing

Flexible chocolate

Innovation is fun, very challenging and sometimes risky.

Below is a one page pdf introduction to the general area of Technology Innovation

An introduction to technology innovation (.pdf)

Innovation was central to much of the work carried out at Bristol, Sussex and Cambridge. Some of the key innovative technology stories are told below

High Modulus Polyethylene (HMP).

This story is worthy of a book or film and my own book High Tension has elements of the real world quest for high modulus polyethylene. The actual story for the quest of HMP is told through photographs and presentations.

Oscillatory Flow Mixing (OFM)

This development started at Sussex University and then Cambridge. OFM is an alternative mixing technology utilising fluid oscillation within baffled tubes and has a range of potential applications.


Flexible Chocolate.

In 1994 I discovered a way of “cold extruding” chocolate that could form complex shapes and possess temporary flexibility. The effect is demonstrated through movies and presentations.

Microcapillary Films (MCFs)

This innovation is concerned with “engineering voidage” into plastic films. The innovation came about in the 2000s following from past experience understanding the science of polymer melt processing.

In 2012 I gave a presentation on Process Intensification in Korea. Process intensification and innovation are closely connected and so I have included the presentation below

Process intensification innovation

Process Intensification Korea 2012 (v2) (.pdf)