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High Tension – a science and technology adventure novel

screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-10-15-13In the mid 1990s I wrote a book called “High Tension”. At the time I thought peoples perception of science and invention was tinged with the difficulties of mathematics, the language of scientist and the fact that scientist didn’t seem to be interesting people. Invention in particular can be very exciting and scientist are also normal mortals with emotions, rivalry and a cocktail of unexpected characteristics. I therefore thought it was time to write a fiction story that made invention and science exciting.

The book remained in one of my computer files until I visited Ecole Centrale Nantes in the late 2000s. My scientific collaborator at Nantes was Prof Paco Chinesta and he introduced me to a colleague, Christine Evian who was prepared to edit the book for publication. We used a rather obscure French academic book publisher, Publibook;  So here is High Tension as a free download. I hope you enjoy the story and thank you Chrisitine for your past support in getting High Tension into a readable format.

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