Extensional flow

Extensional Flow Devices

My introduction to extensional flow was at Bristol and related to devising apparatus to explore the stretching of polymer chains. Several devices were built  during a period of 1970-1976 and are described in the short article below.

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The extensional flow story is told in a conference presentation given at a Scientific Meeting in 2009 following the death of Prof P.G deGennes. deGennes was one of Frances leading scientists. He was a good friend of the late Sir Charles Frank and Andrew Keller with whom I worked whilst at Bristol in the 1970s. deGennes would often visit the laboratory at Bristol and spend time with me discussing extensional flow and polymer science. When I moved to Cambridge he would visit Sir Sam Edwards and again we would have polymer discussions.

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Extensional flow has raised its heads in many projects carried out within the Polymer Fluids Group at Cambridge. There are strong elements of extensional flow in the Oscillatory Flow Mixing (OFM) work. The Multipass Rheometer (MPR) Cross slot facility was specifically developed to examine extensional flow and the Cambridge Trimaster is an essentially pure Extensional flow device.

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