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The Double Jet

Science and engineering provide a platform for logical deduction and  in some circumstances can help the understanding of the very complex world that we now live in. This section of the web site contains a mixture of themes that have at various stages in my academic life and retirement exercised my mind sufficiently to put “pen to paper”. The section starts with a short pdf on the scientific and creative mind.

An introduction to the scientific creative mind

The following parts of this  web site section includes a route to being a successful academic, photographs which deserve to be thought of as artistic, movies clips that also have an artistic twist and  a  fiction “High Tension”, adventure novel within the university world of  scientific discovery and big business.

Academic success-2013

A short article on how to succeed as a young academic.


  Most of the photographs involve fluid flow although there are also some on polymer crystallisation.

Movie clips

Again most of the selected movies involve flow. 

European Union 2016

 A short article on the 2016 UK EU Referendum vote

Plastics Sustainability   

This includes a 2016 presentation Plastic is fantastic.  on some of the  Good, Bad and Ugly aspects of plastics, followed by a recent presentation on The Beauty and Nightmare of Plastics.

 Engineering a Sustainable Framework.

A short article written in 2018 on formulating a strategy for establishing a contemporary code of practice for engineers scientists and others.

  High Tension-pdf

A fiction novel written in the 1990s about scientific discovery and big business.