Carbon Nanotube (CNT) rheology

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) were the centre of scientific attention in the mid 2000s and I was attracted to them as they seemed to have “polymer” like aspects. A PhD student, Anson Ma joined me from the the University of Science and Technology Hong Kong and his background was CNTs. This started a very active period in the Group on CNT microstructure, rheology and modelling. Prof Paco Chinesta had spent a sabbatical in the Polymer Fluids Group at Cambridge and this was the genesis of a strong collaboration period between Anson, Paco and myself. Several papers emerged and they are listed below. With Ansons departure to Rice University, Kat Yearsley continued CNT and Carbon Black work.

As time progressed the health implication issues raised their head and also the difficulty in obtaining a good CNT dispersion. The presentation below, given at Ecole Centrale Nantes reviews the “Good, the Bad and the Ugly side of CNTs”. Some of the slides were kindly provided by Prof Alan Windle from the Materials Science Department at Cambridge and some from Prof Matteo Pasquali from Rice University.


Learn more >CNT-Nantes- 2011 (v2) (.pdf)


A list of our CNT related publications is given below.