Cambridge Multipass Rheometer

The Multipass Rheometer (MPR) is an apparatus developed in the Chemical Engineering Department at Cambridge in the 1990s. The MPR has gone through quite a lengthy development and has involved two manufacturers. The early MPRs were manufactured by a Company called Eland Test Plant Ltd. This company went into liquidation and after a lot of pain on every ones part, a second company Strata Technology took over further design and development. They were ably assisted by a contol company, Omega Engineering. To link with Strata Technology; go to

The first MPR paper was published in 1995

  • M.R.Mackley, R.T.J.Marshall and J.B.A.F. Smeulders. The multipass rheometer.. Journal of Rheology. 39(6), 1293- 1309 (1995).

Subsequently much MPR research has been carried out and summarised in a review.

  • M.R.Mackley and D.G.Hassell The Multipass rheometer; a review Part 1 , Part 2 Journal of Non Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 166, 9-10, 421-456 (2011)

Below is a Powerpoint presentation given about the MPR in 2006 at the Yamagata Japan

Yamagata 2006 (v2) (.pdf)

Papers relevant to the Multipass Rheometer