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A future ‘God’?

I am writing this note at the age of 77 as this seems to be a good moment to reflect on the world as I see it. Thirty of those years were spent at Cambridge University where I was surrounded by some of the brightest young and old minds. I have worked (and played) alongside exceptionally gifted people who have certain abilities far in excess of anything that I have had. Some of these people have risen to great heights in their respective fields, whilst others have shown brilliance, but for some reason or other not exploited it. I know that I’m not particularly brilliant, however I can see some sort of picture of the world that say, even 10 years ago was not apparent to me.

My picture is one of marvel at the richness of the earths surface. We still know so little about our solar system and even the core of our own earth! However, we can see, hear and understand the surface of our own beautiful global planet in some detail. Science and experience has enabled us to understand some details about human life, the origin of the world and the way nature works in producing incredible things such as trees, animals and vegetation.

But still; we cannot be sure ‘why we (humans) are here!  One of my own particular interests was Rheology (the study of deformation and flow) and during my lifetime, significant advances have been made, particularly in the mathematical modelling of rheology. A field of study with wording close to rheology is Theology (the study of religious beliefs) and this has been studied for thousands of years; however I do not feel in my lifetime that we have come any closer to understanding the existence or otherwise of a ‘God’.

I have never met or heard of what I would call ‘a perfect individual’. We are all flawed in some sort of way. We live in an imperfect, but potentially very beautiful world. I see a global picture of groups of people living in different country’s defending their own interests with leaders who are prepared to go to war protecting and or expanding their own interests. In my lifetime, science has exposed the reality of human induced global warming and slowly, all countries now need to acknowledge, ‘we are all in this together’.

We are definitely well into an era of globalization where hopefully someone, or some grouping can influence the world and where every country’s problems is shared by everyone. History has shown that human dictators are not a good idea, even ‘benevolent dictators’ should be avoided. Democratically elected leaders are also prone to be unreliable and the challenge to develop a human ‘God’ remains beyond my own comprehension.

Malcolm Mackley    July 2024    Salcombe Devon.

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