Rheology is a niche, but very important subject and a brief introduction to the background on the meaning of  rheology is given in a one page  pdf below.

An introduction to the world of rheology

Rheology has been central to much of the Polymer Fluids Group research at Cambridge and as such there are a number of Conference presentations on specific aspects of rheology that are listed below.  The reology section is subdivided into;

  • Polymer melt rheology, which also includes most of our Multipass Rheometer (MPR) polyethylene processing work and  was used to capture  the “Cross Slot” flow birefringence movie shown on this page.
  • General rheology, where a range of presentations on topics such as  shear thinning, extreme  rheology and throat rheology can be found.
  • CNT rheology, involved a detailed experimental and modelling activity on Carbon Nanotube suspensions.
  • Ink jet rheology. Ink jet fluids have a low viscosity, but their rheology can be crucial in relation to ink jetting performance.
  • Lecture notes. I have given a Rheology lecture course at Cambridge for many years and include notes from that course.