Polymers are a vital part of contemporary life and a brief one page pdf introduction An introduction to the world of polymers.

My own introduction to polymers was at Bristol University in the 1970s where I learnt that both synthetic and natural polymers are all pervading in our lives and deserve special scientific attention. The polymers section of the web page has been divided into specific areas were I have had first hand experience.

Polymer Crystallisation

The way in which synthetic polymers can crystallise is important to many polymer properties and this section includes a group of early photographs from Bristol and later presentations from Cambridge.

Lecture notes

At Cambridge I inherited a lecture course on polymers from a Dr David Blackadder and I used some of his material in building a subsequent Polymer lecture course which I gave in the department of Chemical Engineering in the 1980s and 1990s.

Brilliant Polymer Scientist

As a taster to polymer science , I attach below a presentation I gave at Ecole Centrale on “Brilliant Polymer Scientist”.