Plastics Sustainability

Plastic Sustainability

This First  Presentation is on the  “Good, Bad and Ugly” aspects of plastics. The talk was given to a local community group in Kingsbridge Devon in 2016 and the heated debate that followed the talk had a major effect on my own thinking. The second presentation was given in March 2019 and even since then matters have moved on. Inappropriate  plastics recycling and abuses relating to recycled plastics being dumped in overseas countries is emerging and the reuse of plastics, both multi use and single use, is now an open and widely debated subject.  Legislation whether UK, European or Global to curb excess plastic use and  waste is now clearly  needed.


The Beauty and Nightmare of Plastics

The Second Presentation is from a seminar I gave at Bath University in March 2019.

The beauty and nightmare of plastics, bath university 2019 from Malcolm Mackley