Polymers, Rheology and Processing

This web site is about a range of Scientific, Engineering and Innovative subjects involved with Polymers, Rheology and Processing. For example, the very visual movie clips on this page show in one case, stress fields in flowing molten polymer and  the second movie shows how water filaments break up when subject to very high extensional strain rates.

There are specific sections on,  Polymers, Rheology, Fluid Mechanics, Innovative Processing, Scientific Apparatus and also “Something to Say”. You will find short introduction pdfs to each of the headline topics followed by a review and selections of powerpoint presentations that describe different aspects of the various scientific and  technological fields. There are also movie clips of  scientific experiments and  my Cambridge University lecture notes on both rheology and polymers.

Science, Engineering and innovation all have visual and creative parts and  some selected aspects are covered in“Something to say”. The section includes short articles such as  how scientists and engineers can be thought of as creative people, in addition to a range of topics that  could be classified as opinions rather than scientific facts. There is also a cluster of very visual Movie clips describing various processes and experiments. If you are looking for an exciting  scientific/technology story to read, why not try my fiction novel!  High Tension-pdf .

The scientific research described in this web page has either been created by myself or an army of Postoctoral or PhD students working with me at Bristol, Sussex and Cambridge. I am indebted to all their talents in contributing to this work and acknowledge their invaluable contribution. Any publications that appear on this web site are for educational purposes only.