Polymers, Rheology and Processing

This web site is about a range of fun Scientific, Engineering and Innovative projects involved with Polymers, Rheology and Processing. For example, the movie clip on this page shows stress fields in flowing molten polymer and is an example of why the subject of polymer melt processing is so fascinating and beautiful whilst  I suspect most people would think of plastics processing as important, but dull. 

You will find short introduction pdfs to each of the headline topics followed by review or past conference powerpoint presentations that describe different stories in the various scientific and  technological fields. There are also movie clips of  scientific experiments and  Cambridge University lecture notes on rheology and polymers.

Science can  also be thought of as a creative subject and the site has some selected  stories, photographs and movies.  Finally the boundary between science and fiction is sometimes narrow and a scientific adventure discovery  novel “High Tension” is included to illustrate the excitement and human side of scientific discovery and technological innovation.

The research described in this web page has either been created by myself or an army of Postoctoral or PhD students working with me at Bristol, Sussex and Cambridge. I am indebted to all their talents in contributing to this work and acknowledge their invaluable contribution. Any publications that appear on this web site are for educational purposes only.